Trusted flexible and durable wire and cable marking labels

The Polyonics® line of flame retardant wire marking labels was designed for harsh aerospace and transportation ID and tracking applications. The polyimide materials have durable matte topcoats that are thermal transfer printable and utilize an ultra-aggressive, flame-retardant, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) that allows the markers to be wrapped around cables and wires or be used as a flag identifier (PSA to PSA).

Flame Retardant Technologies

Polyonics flame retardant wire marking materials combine several chemical and physical mechanisms to create char layers that help effectively control heat transfer while minimizing the generation of flammable gases, oxygen and material decomposition to prevent the propagation of fire.

Flexible, durable nylon wire and cable marking labels

Polyonics offers three nylon label materials that can be utilized in lower temperature applications for wire and cable identification. The nylon cloth is a durable, flexible material that will conform to most round or curved substrates. The XF-300 has a thick aggressive adhesive for high bond strength, while XF-301 has a low-profile PSA and can be exposed to temperatures as low as -321 ºF (-196 ºC) (cryogenics storage) without losing performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible materials
  • Chemically resistant
  • Flame Retardant
    • FAR 25.853 & 25.855 rated
    • BSS 7238/7239 smoke and toxicity tested
    • UL94 VTM-0 tested
    • Boeing 1347J fluids and chemicals tested
  • Nylon
    • Low temperature capacity


  • Wire marking
  • Cable identification
  • Asset tracking
  • Electronic tracking
  • Wire bundles
  • Aerospace and avionics tracking
hot metals processing track and trace

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Wire and Cable Marking Label Data Sheets

Visit our Wire and Cable Marking Performance Labels Library to learn more about our labels and download product Data Sheets

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