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XT-790 tape protects against the extreme heat and harsh chemicals of electronics manufacturing and offers clean removal; no residue!

  • Ideal for masking applications to protect PCB components during wave soldering, solder dip or hot air leveling
  • Clean removal from the substrate: FR4, aluminum or steel
  • 1 mil polyimide carrier with 1 mil silicone adhesive
  • Dimensionally stable at high temperatures
  • Easily die-cut into masking dots or other shapes
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We Start With Personal Chemistry

Polyonics is the specialty chemistry and coating expert for label, tag and tape converters, specialty die cutters, OEM designers and specification engineers. We start with personal chemistry to provide customized solutions for specialty coatings, specialized coated films and thermal interface materials.


Polyonics develops, manufacturers and markets specialty coated films and engineered material products made to withstand harsh environments and add functionality to a variety of products. We support the major converters across the globe that specialize in engineered solutions for the electronics, electrical, aerospace and automotive industries.

performance labels link

  Performance Labels and Tags

Durable label and tag materials that stand up to harsh environments. These include ESD, Flame Retardant, Laser Markable, PCB and Cable & Wire Marking.

engineered tapes link

Engineered Tapes

Engineered tapes designed with high-performance polymer technology to help solve many challenges associated with static charge, high temperature, and other harsh environments.

thermal interface materials link

Thermal Interface Materials

Silicone-based, thermally conductive interface tapes are designed to move heat more efficiently through the material, cooling the component for maximum thermal management.

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Flexible Substrates

Clear and white top-coated polyimide and polyester (PET) flexible films are designed for a wide variety of flexible applications related to the electronics industry.

Tradeshows 2019

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  • Label Expo: December 3-6 | Shanghai |
    Polyonics will be represented by:
    Shanghai Etia Tech Co LTD | Hall E1 Booth A4
    Kushan Normark Technology Corp. | Hall E1 Booth A21

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