About Polyonics - Innovator of Harsh Envrionment Materials


About Polyonics

Chemistry | 'kemestre | (abbreviation chem.)

  • a science that deals with the composition, structure, and the properties of substances and with the transformations that they undergo.

  • interaction between people working together; specifically: such interaction when harmonious or effective

We think Webster's definition defines us too.

We start with personal chemistry

At Polyonics, we're passionate about establishing strong partnerships with our customers. This personal chemistry starts with really understanding your challenges and requirements for coated products, coatings, films, adhesives and laminations.

And end with engineered chemistry solutions

Then we work as part of your engineering teams to apply our distinctive chemistry to withstand harsh environments, add critical functionality and leverage toll coating expertise - all backed by innovative research, ongoing technical services and world-class training and support.

Polyonics flexible substrates


Reasons to Believe

From our people to our products, Polyonics' values flow deep and strong into all facets of our business

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