Label Materials for Aerospace Applications

Label Materials for Aerospace Applications

Flame Retardant, Tedlar Alternative plus Low Outgassing

Polyonics offers the XF-603FR label material as a polyimide based replacement for Tedlar, providing aerospace manufacturers with a reliable and cost-effective alternative.

XF-603FR is a flame retardant polyimide label designed to work in the harsh environments typical of avionics, aerospace and military applications plus it does not propagate fire.


Polyonics combines special coatings and halogen free flame retardant technologies with the high temperature resistance of polyimide film to provide a durable label material that meets the challenging requirements for the aerospace industry including:


  • FAR 25.853 and 25.855
  • Smoke and Toxicity testing BSS7238 and BSS7239
  • Halogen Free IEC 61249-2-21
  • REACH and RoHS compliant
  • UL969 (file MH 19503 PGJI2) and UL94 VTM-0 (file E338081) recognized

Polyonics also offers a range of label materials that fully comply with the NASA ASTM E595 low out gassing requirements. These materials meet the highest levels of TML, CVCM and WVR measurements.

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