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At Polyonics, we have engineered and designed a variety of products to meet your specific needs when operating in harsh environments is a requirement.

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PRODUCT NAME(S): XF-300, XF-446, XF-448, XF-451, XF-500, XF-503, XF-504, XF-505, XF-506, XF-508, XF-509, XF-520, XF-522, XF-523, XF-524, XF-525, XF-526, XF-540, XF-541, XF-546, XF-550, XF-552, XF-555, XF-557, XF-557_1, XF-558, XF-561, XF-562, XF-563, XF-565, XF-574, XF-581, XF-582, XF-583, XF-584, XF-587, XF-592, XF-596, XF-597, XF-610, XF-700, XF-704, XF-705, XF-720, XF-724, XF-725, XF-781, XF-782 PRINTABLE POLYIMIDES.


Polyonics provides customized solutions for specialty coating and specialized coated films

thermal interface materials

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