Flexible Substrates for Your Electronics Applications

Polyimide and Polyester (PET) Films

Polyonics® clear and white top-coated polyimide and polyester (PET) flexible films are designed for a wide variety of flexible applications related to the electronics industry. Our light weight polyimide materials are ideal for applications requiring a high degree of dimensional stability after exposure to extreme temperatures up to 572 °F (300 °C) and offer a high resistance to chemicals. We offer a lower-cost polyester option that provides similar characteristics for lower temperature applications, as well as ESD-Safe options.

Polyonics flexible substrates feature clear and white topcoats designed to be printed with conductive, semi-conductive and resistive inks that produce high resolution images using flexo, digital, and screen-printing processes. These proprietary polymer coatings have been evaluated by leading ink suppliers as providing increased ink receptivity, superior ink adhesion and high-resolution printing.

ESD Safe Technology

Polyonics ESD-Safe polyimide and polyester films include durable, non-metallic static dissipative top coats with surface resistances of ≥ 105 and ≤ 109 ohms that comply with the ANSI/ESD S.20.20, IEC 61340 and JEDEC JESD 625B standards. These materials help designers and manufacturers protect their most static sensitive devices from electrostatic charges arising from both human contact (HBM) and charged devices (CDM) and are valuable elements in the successful ESD control plans of global electronics EMSs, ODMs, converters and OEMs.

Features And Benefits

• Clear and white topcoats for high-resolution printability
• ESD-Safe options with surface resistances of ≥ 105 and ≤ 109 ohms
• Highly reflective and opaque options that minimize light output and leakage
• Chemically and thermally resistant
• REACH and RoHS Compliant


• Flexible circuits and heaters
• ESD-Safe electronics packaging
• Flexible audio devices and LEDs
• RFID antennas
• Flexible drug delivery devices
• Temperature sensors

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