PCB labels for Printed Circuit Board and Electronics

The Most Durable PCB Track and Trace Labels For Demanding PCB and Electronics Manufacturers

PCB manufacturers use multi-pass, high temperature reflow or wave soldering processes to join the myriad of electrical connections on their Printed Circuit Boards. The processes involve pre-heat and thermal soaks along with highly active (ORH1) fluxes and high pressure chemical washes. Polyonics' PCB labels are able to withstand the severity of these processes. When manufacturers demand the most durable label materials available to accurately track their boards and components, our PCB labels deliver.


Polyonics® understands the intricacies of PCB manufacturing and designs and manufactures label materials specifically for these harsh environments. Our durable REACH & RoHS compliant tracking labels maintain the integrity of printed bar codes and images throughout the harshest, multi-cycle PCB manufacturing processes, helping manufacturers accurately control their PCB inventories from production through to customer deliveries.

Over 20 Years Of Material R&D Experience Delivering The Industry’s Best PCB Labels and More

Our materials have remained at the forefront of PCB label and track and trace technology for over 20 years through vigorous R&D programs, rigorous testing, and continuous evaluation and benchmarking by leading PCB and component designers and manufacturers worldwide.

PCB Labels That Guard Against High Temperatures In Printed Circuit Board and Electronics Manufacturing

Our dimensionally stable PCB labels and label materials are engineered to exceed the high temperature requirements of today’s most advanced reflow and wave solder processes.

Next Generation Coatings for Additional Resistance to Corrosive and Active Fluxes For High Contrast, Durable Barcodes

Our next generation, non-yellowing, non-softening coatings are applied to our Plabel materials to resist abrasion if contacted at elevated temperatures and withstand highly corrosive, highly active fluxes. The result is high contrast barcodes that remain readable post heat.

Permanently Affixed PCB Labels

The PCB label materials are engineered with aggressive pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) that allow the label to remain firmly affixed through multiple passes in extreme temperatures and fully resistant to the most concentrated cleaning chemistries. Our PCB label materials are available in 1 and 2 mil thicknesses, in a variety of finishes and with a wide selection of aggressive PSAs to meet the unique specifications of various industry, military and ASTM standards.

Trusted Track and Trace Performance in a Variety of Applications

  • PCB identification and tracking
  • Electronic component tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Warranty labeling
PCB Labels for Electronics and Printed Cirtuit Board Track and Trace

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