Engineered Tapes for
Extreme Application Challenges

Uniquely Engineered Tapes for
Extreme Application Challenges

Polyonics® engineered tapes are designed with high-performance polymer technology to help you solve the many challenges associated with extreme static charge, high temperature, and other harsh environments.


Our tapes are designed to mask, insulate, isolate, bond and protect your sensitive, precise and expensive components and devices.

The Polyonics family of high performance engineered tapes include:

  • Double Coated Bonding and Assembly
  • ESD-Safe
  • Flame Retardant
  • Adhesive Transfer

Bonding In Harsh Environments

Polyonics double-coated bonding and assembly tapes are ideal for assembling components in high temperature and harsh environments, eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners and driving down product costs. They are available in a variety of thicknesses of polyimide with acrylic PSAs that provide strong, thin conformal bond lines.  

ESD Protection All The Way Around

Polyonics ESD-Safe tapes combine surface resistances of 104 to 109 ohms and low charging (< 125 volts) properties to provide full 360-degree ESD protection for ESD sensitive (ESDS) devices.

These materials have proven to help solve some of the most extreme electrostatic problems arising from human contact (HBM) and charged devices (CDM). Polyonics ESD-Safe tapes are ideally suited for specialty die cut applications in the electronics, automotive, aerospace and medical industries, and comply with the ANSI/ESD S541 packaging guidelines as part of the ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD requirements for ESD protected areas (EPA).  

Guarding Against High Temperatures And Fire

Polyonics halogen-free, flame-retardant tapes are engineered with proprietary chemical and physical mechanisms to effectively control heat transfer, oxygen availability, material decomposition and the generation of flammable gases to help prevent the propagation of fire.

We’ve developed a wide variety of flame retardant tapes to address a spectrum of applications, including bonding systems. Polyonics’ flame-retardant tapes are tested to the UL94, FAR 25.853 and BSS 7238/7239 standards for compliance.  

Remove The Risk Of Damage To Your ESD Devices

Polyonics low-charging (< 125 volts) acrylic and silicone based removable masking tapes are designed with low charging PSAs, safeguarding ESDS devices and/or circuits against the immediate or latent damaging effects of charged insulators created during liner removal and if-and-when the tapes are removed from the PCB surface post process.  

High-Performance Adhesive Transfer Tapes

The unique properties of Polyonics adhesive transfer tapes make them ideal for use in high temperature and harsh environment applications. They have thin profiles while still providing high bond strength, high temperature and chemical resistances. Our adhesive transfer tapes are offered in high temperature acrylic and ultra-high temperature silicone, and are supplied with double liners for ease of handling and die cutting.  


• Aerospace, avionics and military electronics
• Hybrid and electric vehicles
• Electronic systems for energy applications
• Computers

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