Under-the-Hood and Interior Automotive Labeling

Under-the-Hood and Interior Automotive Labeling

Polyonics manufactures a family of GMW 14573 tested label materials that addresses the key automotive under-the-hood labeling and interior labeling requirements.


Our thermal transfer printable labels are available in polyester (PET), high temperature polyimide (PI), and ultra-high temperature aluminum (AL). UL94 VTM0 recognized and FMSVSS 302 tested PI and PET label materials are available to address flame retardant requirements. 


Under-the-Hood Needs

Automakers require durable under-the-hood labels that remain firmly affixed for the life of the part, to accurately track their products and to provide critical safety and operational information.


Polyonics' under-the-hood labels adhere to a variety of surfaces including smooth, textured, and oily surfaces.  Our labels also resist the effects of high temperatures, abrasion and submersion to a variety of harsh chemicals used in the automotive industry.


Auto Interior Needs

Auto, truck and bus manufacturers require flame retardant labels for a variety of interior applications such as safety alerts (airbags, seat belts, etc.), instructions (tire pressure, tire removal, jacking, etc.) or identification (ID, VIN, etc.).


Polyonics label materials are impervious to the harsh fluids and chemicals typical to motor vehicles and have durable top coats that can be thermal transfer printed or laser ablated.

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