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Leveraging over 20 years of R&D to deliver the industry’s best labels, Polyonics is the specialty chemistry and coating expert.


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We manufacture specialty coatings, specialized coated films and thermal interface materials. Our high performance REACH and RoHS compliant film, tape and label materials are used by converters worldwide. These label and tape materials are used in electronics, electrical applications, automotive, aerospace & laboratory applications. Material attributes and features include antistatic, flame retardant, extreme temperature tolerance, chemical resistance, durable in severe and harsh environments.

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ESD Safe

Performance Labels

Designed to protect your most sensitive components

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Engineered Tapes

Mask, insulate, bond and protect

solve issues with extreme static charge, high temperature, and other harsh environments.

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Flexible Substrates

For applications related to the electronics industry

Designed to be printed with conductive, semi-conductive and resistive inks.

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Thermal Interface Materials

Maximum thermal management - excellent long-term performance

Move heat more efficiently through the material to constant cool the component.

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