About Adhesives

Selecting the proper adhesive is essential to the success of the label in each application. Polyonics' adhesives are formulated to withstand harsh chemical and solvent attacks in the most hostile process conditions. A wide variety of acrylic adhesives are available, each in different thicknesses, to achieve a wide range of tack, shear and peel properties. Different adhesive thicknesses can be used to better match unique requirements, such as open, porous surfaces (thicker adhesive works better), or a 'low profile' surface (thinner adhesives needed). Labels exposed to higher temperatures than acrylic adhesives can tolerate will need silicone adhesives to 'do the job'. Silicone adhesives are also used whenever a label must adhere to a low energy, rough or porous product surface. Specific applications which require flame retardant adhesives, tamper-evident constructions, or removable and repositionable adhesives are also available for specific requirements, upon request. Contact Polyonics Customer Service for information or FREE SAMPLES.

Things to know about the successful use of pressure sensitive adhesives.

Families of adhesives.

Product offerings.

Basic adhesion properties.

Peel test
Shear test

Surface Energy.

Surface energy is a measurement of the molecular forces on the surface of a product; "high energy" surfaces can be "wet out" by a high energy liquid, such as water. Low energy surfaces, cannot be wet out by water, i.e. the 'beading' of water on your freshly polished car. However, they CAN be wet out by 'low energy' liquids, such as oils...or LOW SURFACE ENERGY adhesives, This "wetting out" effect is critical to adhesion, since effective wetting increase the surface area of the adhesive in contact with the product. Adhesion strength is directly proportional to surface area. Likewise, adhesives can be adapted to maximize adhesion to either high energy surfaces, or low energy surfaces. Typically, a so-called "high energy" adhesive will not adhere as well to a 'waxy' or low energy surface, as will a 'low energy' adhesive. Different acrylic adhesives are available to maximize adhesion to either high energy, or low energy surfaces, respectively.

High Surface energy- clean, dry glass, metals, painted surfaces, certain plastics

Low Surface Energy- waxy, oily, Teflon, silicone & mold release