Harsh Environment Label New Product Development and Technical Capabilities

“Difficult applications for harsh environment identification are our business. The seemingly impossible ones just take a little longer…”

Jim Williams

Dr. Jim Williams, Polyonics' founder, has spearheaded a development team and technical capability which has been called by many “the best in the business”. Through his efforts, label materials such as polyimide label stock and kapton label stock have become more widely available to users, globally.

Polyonics’ fully equipped, instrumental analysis and development laboratories empower quick response to the most challenging product identification technical issues facing the AutoID business in the 21st century.

Capabilities include:

Print Testing, and
Print Quality
Barcode Scanning & Verification
Printing Tests: Thermal Transfer
Ink Jet, Laser print
Dot Matrix Impact
Color LAB evaluations
Optical Densitometry
Surface Profilometry
Optical Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy
Chemical Resistance Wet chemical tests according to appropriate standards, i.e. ASTM, BMS, AIAG, Bellcore, Customer Proprietary
Adhesive Properties Peel adhesion, Shear (inc. High temperature), Tack

Thermal Analysis


Thermal Profiling, Oven

Thermal Profiling, Furnace

Process Simulation (Hardware, Software)
Chemical Analysis FTIR
Ion Chromatography
Aesthetics Colorimetry
Flame/Burn Characteristics Smoke, Toxicity per International Standards
Flame Tests per International Standards
Electrical Properties Surface Resistivity,Volume Resistivity, Static Discharge and Charge Decay
Weathering QUV
Abrasion Testing Atlas Crockmeter
Tabor Abrasion Tester
Process Control Computerized Viscometry
Lab scale coating
Pilot Scale Coating

For more complete information on Polyonics polyimide labels and kapton label materials, visit Polyimide Labels, Kapton labels.