Ribbon Type
Wax Most widely used for shipping, distribution and product ID labels. Different formulations are available depending on specific requirements; wax ribbons are formulated in general purpose and low melting point for high speed printing. Best results on matte surfaces.
  1. Cost effective
  2. Soft ribbon
  3. General, all-purpose useage

Wax/Resin combination For labels that require increased scratch and smudge resistance. When used in combination with synthetic label stock this ribbon will produce a label that is resistant to moisture and UV light. This type of label can stand up to exposure to rain, sun & cold.
  1. Cost effective
  2. Improved abrasion resistance
  3. Better chemical resistance than wax
Resin Ideal for applications that require images to stand up to continuous use in factories and distribution centers. Resin ribbons offer extreme durability against solvents and abrasion.
  1. Long term durability-better abrasion resistance
  2. High temperature resistance
  3. Easy to print
  4. Enhanced chemical resistance

Confused about which ribbons fall into which category? Ribbon Type by Manufacturer is where you can find a complete listing of ribbons by company that has been divided into wax, wax/resin or straight resin categories.