All of Polyonics pressure sensitive label materials are thermal transfer printable, though it should be understood that all ribbons are not created equal.

Test, test, test! The importance of material qualification prior to use in an application is absolutely essential to your success. Matching a thermal transfer ribbon, coating chemistry and adhesive for the specified environment is critical. Our laboratory conducts extensive print testing (up to 10-15 different ribbons) on each individual topcoat. Each of the printed label samples are then subjected to as many as twenty different chemicals, fluxes, cleaners, saponifiers & degreasers before a ribbon and substrate combination is recommended for an application. Industry specific chemicals such as hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, fuel and the like are included as needed. Whenever possible, 2 or 3 different thermal transfer printers are used with identical sets of ribbon and substrate to evaluate any differences in performance, based on specific printer. Below and to the right is an example of an ideal ribbon profile which has passed all the chemical testing it was exposed to. To locate a ribbon manufacturer check out our directory to find contact information in our ribbon compatibility database.

About thermal transfer ribbons.