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Polyonics Displays Full Line of Harsh Environment Label Materials at LabelExpo 2016: Booth 3617

Polyonics will showcase its full line of durable label materials in booth #3617 at the 2016 LabelExpo. The products include ID and tracking labels, tags and wire markers for harsh applications in the automotive, electronics, medical, aerospace industries including flame retardant and ESD protection.

Polyonics to Display ESD Labels, Films and Tapes at the 2016 ESD Symposium

Polyonics will showcase its family of antistatic labels, tapes and films at the 2016 ESD Symposium in Anaheim 12-14 September booth 203. The materials comply with the S20.20, IEC 61340 and JEDEC JESD625B standards for charged insulators used in the proximity of static sensitive devices.

Polyonics Expands Line of Cryogenic, Medical and Laboratory Label Materials
Polyonics has expanded its family of innovative materials for laboratory labels, cryogenic labels for tubes and vials and UDI medical device tracking applications. The materials are available in thermal transfer printable and laser markable versions that produce high contrast barcodes that survive a wide variety of harsh processes.

Polyonics ESD-Safe™ Barcode Labels Comply with JEDEC JESD625B Standard
Barcode labels made from Polyonics ESD-Safe polyimide and polyester materials comply with the latest JEDEC JESD625B standard for charged insulators. They generate less than 125 volts when their liners are removed and are safe to use within 1" of static sensitive devices.

Polyonics Expands Line of Flame Retardant Barcode Labels with Seven New Colors
Polyonics has added new colors to its family of flame retardant UL94 VTM0 recognized polyimide barcode label materials. The new halogen free, thermal transfer printable materials are used for high temperature labels in a wide range of ID, tracking and warning applications where prevent the propagation of fire is critical.

Polyonics Expands Family of PCB Barcode Labels for Highly Active Fluxes
Polyonics barcode labels include specially formulated topcoat chemistries that resist highly active fluxes and high pressure washes plus resist abrasion from contact during processing.

Polyonics Introduces Barcode Tag and Label Materials for Metal Processing
Polyonics has introduced a new family of barcode tag and label materials designed to withstand the ultra-high temperatures and harsh environments found in hot metals processing. The materials provide durable, long term product ID and tracking to ensure accurate inventory control.

Polyonics and Primera Create Partnership to Provide Low Cost Laser Markable Polyimide Labels for High Temperature and Harsh Environment Applications
Polyonics durable polyimide XF-537 and XF-670 laser markable labels combined with Primera's new LP130 compact, desktop laser marking system offers customers the lowest cost entry point for generating labels for extreme high temperature and harsh environment applications.

Polyonics Introduces Laser Markable Black Polyimide Label Material
Polyonics new laser markable black polyimide label material (LML) can be easily ablated with a wide variety of popular low power laser systems. The new LML material provides higher contrast bar codes and alpha numeric characters compared to direct part marking and longer term durability and improved readability compared to traditional thermal transfer printed labels for applications involving high temperatures and harsh environments.

Polyonics Introduces Engineered Tapes and Label Materials That Protect Static Sensitive Optoelectronic Devices from Harmful ESD Events
Polyonics makes antistatic tapes and label materials with static dissipative surface resistances and low tribocharging pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) that allow them to protect static sensitive optoelectronic devices such as LEDs, photo and laser diodes, solar cells, etc. and help prevent harmful electrostatic discharge (ESD) events.

Polyonics and Kyzen Team Up for PCB Label Durability Study
Polyonics continues to be a global leader in high performance, high temperature label materials by consisting testing their materials in harsh environment environments. A recent benchmarking at Kyzen Corporation, a cleaning company based in Nashville, Tennesse confirmed Polyonics label products withstand some the new harsh cleaners in the electonics industry today.

Polyonics Label Materials Exceed the Durability Requirements of the PCB Cleaning Process
Polyonics robust product line was recently put to the test as samples of each product were run through a rigorous 12 wash cleaning process using Kyzen's Aquanox A4625 cleaning agent. The 12 step process is a "drive labels to failure" test environment. Typical manufacturing processes would not be rerun this many times. Polyonics is happy to announce that two polyimide label materials survivied in this ultimate harsh environment.

Polyonics Introduces XF-611, a Flame Retardant, Halogen Free Polyester Label Material
Polyonics introduces the XF-611, 2 mil white polyester, halogen free label material that has been designed and recognized by Underwriters Laboratories to meet the VTM-0 level of flame retardants per the UL94 standard.

Label Materials for "Under the Hood" Automotive Applications
Finding a durable label for your automotive "under the hood" application can be a challenge. This environment exposes labels to high temperatures, abrasion and harsh chemicals that can cause labels to yellow, shrink and fall off.

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