Polyester & Polyethelyene Naphthalate Label Materials

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Polyester (PET) is a tough, high performance film that provides excellent outdoor durability, chemical and heat resistance. It displays excellent dimensional stability and high tensile strength. Operating temperature is 325°F (163°C) and shot-term temperature can be up to 400°F (204°C).

Polyethelyene Naphthalate (PEN) is a film with moderate stiffness that stretches in all directions but will tear quite easily. Designed for 6 months outdoor use, it is useful for labeling products that expand and contract. Maximum operating temperature is 400°F (204°C).

Polyonics' Polyester Label Specifications

Product Finish Film Type Film Thickness Adhesive Thickness Feature
XF-441 Semi-gloss PET 4 mil 5 mil Ultra-thick acrylic PSA
XF-442 Semi-gloss PET 4 mil 2 mil Dispensable in most industrial printers
XF-446 Semi-gloss PET 2 mil 1 mil Low charging and static dissipative
XF-447 Semi-gloss PET 2 mil 2 mil Low charging and static dissipative
XF-448 Gloss PET 2 mil 5 mil Strong adhesion to rough and dirty surface
XF-451 Matte PET 4 mil 5 mil Excellent adhesion to dirty surfaces
XF-454 Matte PET 4 mil 2 mil Excellent chemical resistance
XF-455 Semi-gloss PET 2 mil 1 mil LSE Adhesive for textured surfaces
XF-456 Semi-gloss PET 4 mil 3 mil LSE adhesive for textured surfaces
XF-611 Semi-gloss PET 1.5 mil 1 mil Flame retardant U94 VTM-0

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