Clearly, successful implementation of automatic barcode data collection technologies give significant benefits to manufacturers who implement these systems. A robust data collection systems gives higher efficiencies, higher quality, lower inventories, and now, even brand protection and product authentication. However, IT ALL STARTS WITH THE LABEL !!

A durable barcode label which survives industrial manufacturing environments is an engineered composite, not "just a sticker" !! The composite is composed of multiple layers. Each layer performs a critical function so that the label willl successfully carry the valued barcode information, through the manufacturing process, allowing the manufacturer to collect useful data for management and control. We have tried to organize the FAQ's accordingly, layer by layer.

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Adhesives (adhesion issues? thermal and chemical stability?) Printing(Why thermal transfer? What about others?)
Aluminum Tag and Label Materials (Metalgard™) Release Liners
Coatings (Why a coated substrate? Performance issues?) Ribbons(Lots of ribbons..when to use which one?)
ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge)(What causes it? How to fight it?) Test Methods
Lead Free Initiative(Updates and info on RoHS, effects on labels, etc.) Thermogard(High Performance Materials)
Polyimides (Kapton®)