Performance Label Materials

Aluminum Label Materials

Ultra-High Temperature, Vapor Barriers and Laser Markable

The XF-680, XF-803 and XF-808 are high temperature 2 mil aluminum bar code label materials with non-yellowing silicone printable top coats. The XF-803 and XF-808 are designed for thermal transfer printing and are ideal for tracking hot metals. The XF-680 can be either thermal transfer printed or laser ablated, for harsh applications where ink is not durable enough.


Polyonics' Aluminum Label Specifications




Operating Temperature
Continuous Short Term
XF-680 White 2 mil aluminum 1 mil ultra-high temperature silicone Laser markable or thermal transfer printed -100 to 350°C -100 to 600°C
XF-803 White 2 mil aluminum 1 mil ultra-high temperature silicone Thermal transfer printable. Track and trace hot metal rolls, sheets, tubes, etc. 400-500°C 600°C
XF-808 White 2 mil aluminum 2 mil high temperature acrylic Thermal transfer printable. Tracking hot metal rolls, sheets, etc. 200-300°C 350°C
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