Adhesive Transfer Tapes

Adhesive Transfer Tapes

Polyonics adhesive transfer tapes provide unique properties not found in other brands. The tapes are available in both high temperature acrylic and ultra-high temperature silicone pressure sensitive (PSA) models each in a range of thicknesses. They also have thinner profiles, offer higher temperature resistances and are available with flame retardant and thermal conductive performances. The tapes are supplied with double liners for ease of handling and die cutting, they provide high bond strengths, are chemical resistant and are ideal for use in high temperature and harsh environment applications.

Thermal impedance chart above shows superior heat transfer of the Polyonics adhesive after long term temperature exposure compared to the leading competitor.

Chart above shows the relative thermal performance of the three Polyonics adhesive families.

Polyonics employs resins and polymers that are dimensionally stable and don’t generate significant amounts of flammable gasses when exposed to heat and flame. The diagram above depicts how heat contributes to burning and also illustrates the areas (X) where the chemical and physical mechanisms, incorporated in the Polyonics flame retardant adhesive transfer tapes, actively help retard the burn cycle.

Features and Benefits

  • Flame Retardant Options
  • Solvent-based Acrylic and Silicone Product Families
  • Thermally Conductive Versions
  • High Bond Strengths
  • High Temperature Resistances
  • Thin Conformal Bond Lines

Family of Adhesives

Adhesive Number Type Adhesive Description & Intended Use
300 High Temperature Acrylic Solvent based, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive that has good chemical durability and high temperature resistance. Intended to be used bonding applications that are exposed to harsh environments.
925 Ultra High Temperature Silicone Solvent based, white silicone pressure sensitive adhesive that has ultra high temperature resistance. This adhesive contains nano particles that extend the thermal resistance of the adhesive.
950 Thermally Conductive Silicone Solvent based, black silicone pressure sensitive adhesive that has high temperature resistance and good thermal conduction. This adhesive contains thermally conductive fillers and can be used as thermal interface material.

Product Descriptions:

 Performance Reference
Product NumberTop LinerPressure Senstive AdhesiveAdhesive Thickness mils (µm)Base Liner Temperature Resistant (175°C)Temperature Resistant (>225°C)Flame RetardantThermally Conductive
XA-103055# Glassine Temperature Acrylic 3001 (25)1.5 mil PETX
XA-103155# Glassine High Temperature Acrylic 3001.5 (38)1.5 mil PETX
XA-10202 mil Fluor PET Ultra High Temperature Silicone 9251 (25)2 mil Fluor PETXXX

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Polyonics Introduces New Adhesive Transfer Tapes for High Temperature Bonding Applications
Polyonics introduces a new family of adhesive transfer tapes designed specifically for high temperature bonding of electronic, transportation and general industrial components. The solvent-based, double linered adhesives are available in acrylic and ultra-high temperature silicone with flame retardant and thermally conductive options available.

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